Challenge Almere-Amsterdam | DNS

Unfortunately, I couldn’t start Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. The few days prior to the race I’ve been pretty sick. On Friday I felt somewhat better but to be able to race a 3.8k swim, 180k bike and a 42.2k run you have to be 110% fit, not feel “somewhat better”.

Since my crash in Hamburg my hip was feeling painful. With help from the fysio doing some dry needling I have been able to run, but the last weeks before the race I was unable to run for more than 10k. It felt like something in my posture was wrong so the Monday before race day I had some chiropractic adjustments done. It turned out there was definitely a lot of misalignment in my body and after the session I felt a lot better aligned and the pain was gone! These adjustments however, probably also released a whole load of toxins that had crept up in my body and this is likely what made me sick.

How I felt one week before Challenge Almere I was unable to finish a 14k training run, let alone a marathon. There had to be adjustments made in my body. Unfortunately, this has impacted me more than I would have liked. On the plus side: 2x chiropractor, 1x sport massage and 1x fysio this week did make my body feel a whole lot more aligned. In combination with the obligatory rest I have good hope the injuries will be gone when I start training again in a week or so!